Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A's had two outs, two strikes and none on against the White Sox in the bottom of the ninth last night in Chicago. They allowed a solo homer there and again in the bottom of the 12th and lost their ninth in 11 games, 5-4.

Nineteen more days of summer:

-- at White Sox today,
-- at White Sox tomorrow,
-- at White Sox Thursday,
-- at Mariners Friday,
-- at Mariners Saturday,
-- at Mariners Sunday,
-- vs. Rangers Sept. 16,
-- vs. Rangers Sept. 17,
-- vs. Rangers Sept. 18,
-- vs. Phillies Sept. 19,
-- vs. Phillies Sept. 20,
-- vs. Phillies Sept. 21,
vs. Angels Sept. 22,
vs. Angels Sept. 23,
vs. Angels Sept. 24,
at Rangers Sept. 25,
at Rangers Sept. 26,
at Rangers Sept. 27 and
at Rangers Sept. 28.

Now behind eight games in the American League West to the Angels, the A's are now fighting to retain grasp on a wild-card spot. They remain one game up on the Mariners, and the Tigers are a half game behind Seattle. The Royals lead the Tigers by a game in the A.L. Central, but they would be a half-game behind the A's if you figure them in the wild-card standings.

That's the sitch. It's not great. It's not what any of us wanted. But if Oakland can simply start winning more often than it loses, it will have a shot at holding its place in the standings. The Mariners have won seven of their last 10; the Tigers, six, and the Royals, five. The A's are 2-8 over their last 10.


  1. A's 11 at White Sox 2. Yeah! In the wild-card standings, Oakland is 1.5 ahead of the Royals and Tigers, who are now tied for the Central lead, and two ahead of the Mariners. Still eight back of the Angels in the West. Eighteen games to go.

  2. A's gave up two in the bottom of the eighth and lost at Chicago Wednesday night, 2-1. Tigers, Mariners and Indians also lost; Royals, Blue Jays and Yankees won. Wild-card standings:

    A's 81-64
    (Central-leading Royals 80-64, 0.5 games behind)
    Tigers 80-66, 1.5
    Mariners 79-66, 2
    Blue Jays 76-69, 3.5
    Indians 74-69, 4.5
    Yankees 74-69, 4.5

  3. A's lost, 1-0, yesterday. This is trending less pleasant.

  4. John Hickey ‏@JHickey3 56s
    #Athletics last 7 losses all have been by 1 run. That ties longest such streak in A’s history dating back to 1901 (also June 10-29, 2012).
    5:18 PM - 12 Sep 2014

  5. OK, great--#GREENCOLLAR!--two wins in a row for Oakland, both huge at Seattle. The A's are now 83-66 and 1.5 up on the Royals and 2.5 up on the Mariners in the A.L. wild-card race. Orioles, Tigers and Angels are leading the divisions.

  6. Thirteen games to go. Thirteen days.

  7. A's lost Tuesday. So did Tigers, Royals and Indians. Mariners and Indians won.

    A's are atop A.L. wild-card standings by 1.0 game on second-place Royals (who now trail Tigers by 1.5 for A.L. Central lead). Mariners are 1.0 game behind Royals for second and final postseason berth. Indians and Blue Jays are 5.0 back of the Mariners. A's, Royals, Mariners and Indians are each 4-6 over their last 10 games.

    A's host Rangers again late tonight. Twelve games to go.

  8. This would be huge ...

    Scott Brown ‏@scottbrown107
    Just read where the Oakland A's are the leading candidate to become the new AAA affiliate when Nashville opens their new stadium next year
    4:58 PM - 17 Sep 2014