Thursday, September 18, 2014

AP NFL Poll: Week 3

The Seahawks lost last week, so they fall out of the top spot in the AP's NFL Poll.  But they don't fall very far:

1.  Denver Broncos:  2-0
2.  Seattle Seahawks:  1-1
3.  Cincinnati Bengals:  2-0
4.  Philadelphia Eagles:  2-0
5.  Carolina Panthers:  2-0
6.  Arizona Cardinals:  2-0
7.  New England Patriots:  1-1
8.  San Francisco 49ers:  1-1
9.  San Diego Chargers:  1-1
10.  Green Bay Packers:  1-1

The Dolphins fall from 15th to 21st after a loss to the Bills.  The Redskins rise from 28th to 24th after a win over the Jaguars.

This week we have a rare 1 versus 2 match-up, as the Broncos travel to Seattle for a re-match of Super Bowl XLVIII.  The other game with two top-10 teams will be in Arizona, where the number-6 Cardinals will host the number-8 49ers.

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