Thursday, September 4, 2014

AP NFL Poll: Week 1

Ever since the Heath Post began, we have tracked the NFL using the methods of the AP poll for college football.  It is my belief that the team finishing on top in the polls is usually the best team over the course of the whole season, regardless of what happens in the playoffs. 

In 2010 and 2011, we conducted our own polling analysis, but in 2012 the AP actually started an NFL poll, and we've used their listings ever since.  Here's how the last four poll champions did in the playoffs:

2010:  New England Patriots (lost to the Jets in the Divisional Playoffs)
2011:  Green Bay Packers (lost to the Giants in the Divisional Playoffs)
2012:  Denver Broncos (lost to the Ravens in the Divisional Playoffs)
2013:  Seattle Seahawks (WON THE SUPER BOWL)

Last year, Seattle won the double, taking first place in the final poll and sweeping through the playoffs with relative ease.  Not surprisingly, Seattle enters the new season at the top of the AP's poll:

1.  Seattle Seahawks:  0-0
2.  Denver Broncos:  0-0
3.  New England Patriots:  0-0
4.  Green Bay Packers:  0-0
5.  New Orleans Saints:  0-0
6.  San Francisco 49ers:  0-0
7.  Philadelphia Eagles:  0-0
8.  Indianapolis Colts:  0-0
9.  San Diego Chargers:  0-0
10.  Cincinnati Bengals:  0-0

I have read and heard almost nothing about the new NFL season, but as I typed that list I had a very strong feeling that the Patriots will win the AFC.  Take it for what it's worth.

The Redskins, who are going with another new coach this year, start off in 22d; the Dolphins start in 24th.

The season starts off tonight with a very good game -- the number 4 Packers at the number 1 Seahawks.  I will be tuned in.  On Sunday night we have another good game:  the number 8 Colts at the number 2 Broncos (old Peyton v. new Peyton).  Personally, I'm also interested in the following match-ups:  Ravens/Bengals, Steelers/Browns, Cowboys/49ers, and Giants/Lions.  Hooray for football!  LIFE, MORE LIFE!


  1. When it started to look like Seattle was a little vulnerable late last night--it didn't last long--NBC flashed a graphic about the next-season performance of the last eight or nine Super Bowl winners. Only one of them has won even one playoff game the following season, and about half failed to even make the playoffs.

    That said, the Seahawks looked awfully strong last night.

  2. Latest odds on winning the Super Bowl:

    Seattle: 4 to 1
    Denver: 5 to 1
    New England: 8 to 1
    New Orleans and San Francisco: 10 to 1

    Based on last night's game, the odds on Seattle look pretty attractive.