Tuesday, August 19, 2014


American League Western Division
Angels 73-50
A's 73-51, 0.5 games behind
Mariners 67-57, 6.5
Astros 52-73, 22.0
Rangers 48-76, 25.5

A.L. Eastern
Orioles 71-52
Yankees 63-59, 7.5
Blue Jays 64-61, 8.0

A.L. Central
Royals 69-55
Tigers 66-56, 2.0
Indians 62-61, 6.5
A.L. Wild Card (two make the playoffs)
A's 73-50, 6 games ahead of second place
Tigers 66-56
Mariners 67-57
Yankees 63-59, 3 games behind second
Blue Jays 64-61, 3.5
Indians 62-61, 4.5

National League Eastern
Nationals 70-53
Braves 65-50, 6.0
Marlins 62-62, 8.5

N.L. Central
Brewers 70-55
Cardinals 67-57, 2.5
Pirates 64-61, 6.0

N.L. West
Dodgers 70-56
Giants 65-58, 3.5

N.L. Wild Card
Cardinals 67-57, 1.5 games ahead second
Giants 65-58
Braves 65-60, 1.0 games behind second
Pirates 64-61, 2.0
Marlins 62-62, 3.5


  1. Bottom of the sixth ... Angels and Red Sox are tied, 3-3, in Boston ...

  2. ARGH! Angels get a run in the top of the ninth and beat the Red Sox, 4-3. A's now trail the A.L. West by 1.5 games.

  3. A's and Mets are scoreless in the bottom of the third in Oakland ...


  4. But now it's 0.5 games again. A's rallied to beat the Mets, 6-2, as my main shirt, Coco Crisp, tripled in three runs. Oakland and New York play again this afternoon, and then tomorrow's a day off.

    Then: Angels at Oakland for games Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Then: At tough-on-A's Houston Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

    And then: At Los Angeles to play the Angels again Aug. 28, Aug. 29, Aug. 30 and Aug. 31!

  5. There's a great scene in Moneyball where Billy Beane is about to trade one of his best players so that some of his moneyball guys can get more playing time. His assistant makes the point that this is the sort of move that can get GM's fired, and Beane says something like we either believe in this stuff or we don't -- and if we believe in it, then this is the right move. He makes the move, everyone thinks he's crazy, and then it all works out.

    My guess is that he had this same conversation with himself over the decision to trade Cespedes.

  6. Yes.

    Seven games with the Angels, who are now 1.5 up, between now and August's end.

  7. And, by the way, I still stand with General Manager Beane, Coach Haskins, Coach Harper, Coach Calipari, Governor Beshear and President Obama.