Sunday, June 22, 2014

U.S. Women's Open -- Day Four Wrap Up

I've already said most of what I had to say in the comments to the last wrap up.  I am very happy for Michelle Wie, and I'm so glad that her long struggle has led to such a dramatic victory.  Now let's hope she has the career we all expected 10 years ago.

One final comment about Pinehurst.  It didn't work for the men's tournament, but this week you could see what it's supposed to do -- reward long hitters who are also excellent putters.  Since that's a good short description of the best players in the world, it's not surprising that we had a very strong leaderboard:

1.  M. Wie:  -2 (68+68+72+70=278)

2.  S. Lewis:  Even (67+73+74+66=280)

3.  S. Meadow (NIR):  +1 (71+72+69+69=281)

4.  A. Yang (KOR):  +2 (71+69+68+74=282)

T5.  M. Lee (KOR):  +3 (72+73+70+68=283)
T5.  S.Y. Ryu (KOR):  +3 (69+74+70+70=283)

T7.  L. Thompson:  +4 (71+68+74+71=284)
T7.  S. Yokomine (JPN):  +4 (74+68+71+71=284)
T7.  P. Phatlum (THA):  +4 (71+73+69+71=284)

T10.  C. Matthew (SCO): +5 (75+69+75+66=285)
T10.  J. Shin (KOR):  +5 (74+70+73+68=285)
T10.  Miss B.M. Henderson (am) (CAN):  +5 (71+73+72+69=285)

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