Friday, May 16, 2014

NBA Update

The Second Round of the NBA playoffs featured the usual mix of short-term drama and boring results.  LeBron scored 49 points in one game; the Wizards went 2-1 on the road but 0-3 at home; the Thunder had two big come-from-behind victories, etc.  But when the smoke cleared, we can see that the first two rounds of the playoffs merely left us with the same four teams who were supposed to be here at the beginning of the season:

(1) Indiana 4 - 2 Washington (5)
(2) Miami 4 - 1 Brooklyn (1)

Anybody who paid attention to the folks who thought Brooklyn could beat Miami gets what they deserve.

(1) San Antonio 4 - 1 Portland (5)
(2) Oklahoma City 4 - 2 L.A. Clippers (3)

So now the Pacers will finally get their rematch with the Heat, and the Spurs and Thunder will decide which of those teams will have won two of the last three Western Conference titles.

Again, I recommend that you not tune in until the Heat have lost three times in one series.  So far, the Heat have gone 8-1, so there hasn't been much reason to tune in at all -- unless you wanted to see LeBron score 49 points in that one game.


  1. The Bullets had their best season in years and years, so the NBA provided me some unexpected, timely rooting fun this year in the gap between the end of the NCAA basketball tournament/Masters and the NFL draft/form-taking of baseball pennant races.

  2. Now I'm ready to focus on some #GreenCollar fun. (Also, the U.S. Open is June 12-15; the British Open is July 17-20, and the PGA Championship is Aug. 7-10.)