Monday, May 5, 2014

Congratulations to J.B. Holmes

The best Kentuckian currently on tour, J.B. Holmes of Campbellsville, picked up his third PGA Tour title yesterday, winning the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Only six years ago, Holmes appeared to be on pace for a spectacular career -- at the age of 26 he was part of the last U.S. team to win the Ryder Cup.  But since then he has struggled with health problems.  An ongoing problem with vertigo caused him to undergo brain surgery in 2011 -- and then he had to undergo another operation because he was allergic to the titanium plate that had been embedded in his skull.  After those problems were finally resolved, he had to deal with an elbow injury (he hit too many balls trying to come back), and then he broke his ankle last spring while roller blading (he used the time off to have elbow surgery).

But now he appears to finally be back to form.  In 12 tournaments so far this year, he has won over $1.86 million.  He's also finished in the top 20 in five of his last six appearances.  And now he's in 18th place in the FedEx Cup standings after an impressive win over a field that included a lot of big stars, including Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, and Jim Furyk.  We are so happy he's doing better, and we wish him all the best going forward.

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  1. Hurrah! The HP Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Golf League has been in a bit of a slumber, so I had missed this news. J.B. Holmes's victory is sure to rouse interest across the whole league, however.