Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NBA Update

Congratulations to John Wall and the Washington Wizards, who beat Chicago four games to one to advance to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  The Wiz went 3-0 in Chicago during the series.  It's only the second time since 1982 that Washington has gotten this far in the NBA playoffs.


  1. That game last night was fantastic. John Wall kept hitting shots that kept Chicago runs at bay, and then the last two minutes were dominated by various Bullet inside players batting their teammates' missed shots back into the backcourt for recovery by either Wall or Bradley Beal. It was outstanding. I've been singing "Jump! Jump! Slam! Slam!" "Bullets Fever" and "Pull It for the Bullets" ever since.

  2. Replies
    1. This is, in fact, the best version of this song.

    2. I'm pretty sure this song covers the 1995-96 Bullets, who went 39-43. The two highest-paid players on the team were Chris Webber and Mark Price. Webber appeared in 15 games. Price appeared in 7 (but his brother Brent appeared in all 81).

    3. That season features prominently in my forthcoming book about the Bullets which is going to be named either "The Wrong Grant" or, simply, "Ha."