Monday, March 10, 2014

HP Special Report: Congratulations, Oksana Masters! And Hooray for Sports!

This is an HP Special Report ... Sometimes, Earth is so bizarre. 

Oksana Masters, a 24-year-old Louisville Atherton High School grad who was adopted from a Ukrainian (!) orphanage when she was 7, has won a silver medal in 12-kilometer sitting cross-country skiing in the XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia (!). (This actually happened on Sunday, but I'm catching up only now, watching videotape of NBC Sports Network's wee-hours live coverage of events.) 

Dr. M. Gay Masters, a speech pathologist, adopted Oksana in 1997 from the orphanage. Per a release from UofL Physicians:

Yes, they said, Chernobyl (!).

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