Saturday, February 22, 2014

SEC Update

Florida pretty much has the SEC title in the bag -- they have a three-game lead with only five games left.  The big question now is whether the Gators can go 18-0 in the SEC regular season -- something I don't think any team has ever done.  Meanwhile, the Cats solidified their grip on second place with their win down in Oxford.  The rest of the teams are all bunched together -- mainly because it is extremely difficult to win on the road in the SEC.  Road teams have gone 25-66 in SEC play -- the worst record for road teams in any conference in Division I.  Florida is 6-0 on the road, and Kentucky is 5-2 on the road, so the rest of the league is 14-64 -- a winning percentage of .219.  Since it's so difficult to win on the road, teams like Tennessee and Missouri have been unable to distance themselves from the pack.  If the SEC ends up with only two teams in the NCAA Tournament, the conference will only have its own officiating to blame.

4.  Florida:  13-0
15.  Kentucky:  10-3
103.  Georgia:  8-5
24.  Tennessee:  7-6
46.  Missouri:  7-6
76.  Louisiana St:  7-6
83.  Mississippi:  7-6
52.  Arkansas:  6-7
100.  Vanderbilt:  6-7
138.  Texas A & M:  6-7
113.  Auburn:  4-9
116.  Alabama:  4-9
125.  S. Carolina:  3-10
225.  Mississippi St:  3-10