Sunday, February 2, 2014

SEC Update

Florida continues to roll through the SEC, crushing Texas A & M in Gainesville by the score of 69-36(!).  In eight games, the Gators have outscored their SEC opponents 564-441, a margin of 123 points.  To put that in perspective, Syracuse is 8-0 in the ACC, but the Orange have outscored their conference opponents by 528-452, a margin of only 76 points.  So Florida is really playing well.

UK stayed two games behind Florida (and in control of their own destiny) with a high-scoring victory in Missouri.  The Cats have outscored their opponents 628-549, a margin of 79 points.  The Cats and Gators play at very different paces.  Florida has won its SEC games by an average score of 70.5 to 55.1;  UK's totals in SEC work out to an average score of 78.5 to 68.6.  So the typical UK game features almost 20 more points than a Gator contest.

Other than UK and Florida, no other SEC school has outscored its conference opponents by more than 34 points.  Here are the latest standings (and no, I can't figure out what's the matter with Arkansas):

6.  Florida:  8-0
14.  Kentucky:  6-2
69.  Mississippi:  6-2
23.  Tennessee:  5-3
53.  Louisiana St:  5-3
49.  Missouri:  4-4
103.  Vanderbilt:  4-4
134.  Georgia:  4-4
110.  Alabama:  3-5
164.  Texas A & M:  3-5
198.  Mississippi St:  3-5
56.  Arkansas:  2-6
136.  Auburn:  2-6
125.  S. Carolina:  1-7

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