Saturday, January 4, 2014

SEC Basketball Update

The SEC is not on the same level as the other five major conferences:  the Big 10, the Big XII, the Big East, the ACC, and the Pac-12.  But the top of the league is pretty good.  If Ken Pom's rankings are correct, the SEC has six teams in the top 50, a figure that compares well to the Big 12 (4), Big East (5), and Pac-12 (5).  It should also be noted that eight of UK's 18 conference games will be played against Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee -- all of which are in a strong position to reach the NCAA Tournament.  So UK fans who are expecting the Cats to run through the SEC with little difficulty are likely to be disappointed.  On the other hand, Cat fans who fear the SEC won't get Our Boys ready for the Big Dance are probably mistaken.

Going into today, no SEC teams had played conference games.  Here are the rankings, according to Ken Pomeroy:

9.  Kentucky:  10-3
12.  Florida:  10-2
26.  Tennessee:  8-4
34.  Louisiana St:  9-2
39.  Arkansas:  10-2
41.  Missouri:  11-1
66.  Alabama:  5-7
75.  Mississippi:  9-3
103.  Vanderbilt:  7-4
108.  S. Carolina:  7-6
167.  Georgia:  6-6
168.  Texas A & M:  8-4
186.  Auburn:  7-3
196.  Mississippi St:  10-3

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