Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baylor 67 - 62 Kentucky (Dallas)

Hold on, I think Baylor just got another rebound.

Wait, I think UK just missed another free throw.

Whatever.  I have only two comments on this game.

1.  No program that wants to be considered elite should lose to Baylor two years in a row.

2.  Before this game, Baylor center Isaiah Austin was quoted as saying that Kentucky is "not better than us in any way, shape, or form."  I sat up until 1:30 in the morning Eastern Time to watch this game, and I am in total agreement with Mr. Austin.


  1. I'm sitting out at a restaurant in Madisonville where the discussion among three tables turned to whether UK could get by Boise State tonight.

    "If they'd hit some free throws, they'd win all their games," said one man, who subsequently announced that last night he ate a whole pound of bacon (save three pieces that his wife ate). "It was straight fresh--came right out of a hog. You can't beat straight fresh bacon."