Sunday, December 8, 2013

AP NFL Poll: Week 14

Here is the current top 10 teams in the NFL, according to the AP's poll.  Seattle remains on top after crushing the Saints last week:

1.  Seattle Seahawks:  11-1
2.  Denver Broncos:  10-2
T3.  New England Patriots:  9-3
T3.  Carolina Panthers:  9-3
5.  New Orleans Saints:  9-3
6.  San Francisco 49ers: 8-4
7.  Kansas City Chiefs:  9-3
8.  Cincinnati Bengals:  8-4
9.  Indianapolis Colts:  8-4
10.  Philadelphia Eagles:  7-5

The 6-6 Dolphins move from 20th to 15th after their win over the Jets; the Redskins (3-9) have fallen all the way down to number 31.  Only the Texans (who just fired their coach) are ranked below the Redskins.  Ironically, the three lowest-rated teams in the NFL -- the Falcons, Redskins, and Texans -- all made the playoffs last year.

Three solid games are on tap today.  The best game, on paper, will be late this afternoon, with the number-1 Seahawks going down to San Francisco for a game against the number-6 Forty-Niners.  The Sunday night game is also good, with the Panthers going to New Orleans for a game with the Saints.  We even have a rare watchable game at noon Central today, with the number-9 Colts in Cincinnati for a game with the number-8 Bengals.  You don't often see two likely playoff teams meeting in the noon time slot this late in the year.  So bundle up and have a good day of professional football!


  1. Trivia time!

    Which team led the NFL in total yards in 1972?

    The Dolphins.

    Which team led the NFL in total points in 1972?

    The Dolphins.

    Which team led the NFL in fewest yards allowed in 1972?

    The Dolphins.

    Which team led the NFL in fewest points allowed in 1972?

    The Dolphins.

  2. A snowy NFL game is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

  3. So there's that, Matt Prater's record-breaking field goal of 64 yards, the fact that my fantasy-football team is marching toward its 13th wins in 14 games this season and today's seventh win by the Dolphins (coming from behind at Pittsburgh in December, which is the kind of game that everybody says Miami always loses).

    In the last 10 seasons (counting this one), the Dolphins two best years are 2008 (11 wins and the only playoffs appearance in the span) and 2005 (nine wins). In the other years, Miami has won one game (2007), four games (2004), six games (2006 and 2011) and seven games (2009, 2010, 2012 and now 2013). Those of you who root for teams who do things like win divisions and playoff games might be surprised to learn that there's actually a good bit difference in the levels of satisfaction to be had in rooting for a team that wins six games and rooting for a team that wins seven games. Six wins, and you've got a big, fat, double-digit loss total; seven wins, and you were really close to getting to .500 and probably fighting for a wild-card spot into the last few weeks of the season. So, today was huge.

    The rest of the way, the Dolphins are at home against the Patriots, at the Bills and at home against the Jets--each game at noon Central Sundays. I'm going to go pretty nuts if Miami gets to eight wins, and I'm not even going to start to imagine what it would feel like to win nine or 10 because you've got to get to eight wins before you get to either of those two totals.

    But, whatever, today was huge. Miami is 7-6! Seven freaking wins! That's huge.