Thursday, September 12, 2013

NFL Poll: Week 2

Here's the latest AP poll showing the NFL's top 10:

1.  San Francisco 49ers:  1-0
2.  Denver Broncos:  1-0
3.  Seattle Seahawks:  1-0
4.  Houston Texans:  1-0
5.  New England Patriots:  1-0
T6.  New Orleans Saints:  1-0
T6.  Green Bay Packers:  0-1
8.  Atlanta Falcons:  0-1
9.  Indianapolis Colts:  1-0
10.  Chicago Bears:  1-0

The Redskins, who were humiliated at home on Monday night (and who will be 0-2 after they lose in Green Bay on Sunday), fell from 10th to 19th.  The Dolphins rode their victory over Cleveland from 22d to 18th.

The big game this week is on Sunday night, when Number 3 Seattle hosts Number 1 San Francisco.  In fact, that is the only matchup of top-10 teams on the schedule.

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