Wednesday, September 18, 2013

EuroBasket Update

So here's how the two final Groups played out -- teams advancing to the quarters are in bold:

Serbia:  4-1
Lithuania:  4-1
France:  3-2
Ukraine:  2-3
Belgium:  1-4
Latvia:  1-4

Croatia:  4-1
Slovenia:  3-2
Italy:  3-2
Spain:  2-3
Finland:  2-3 (Finland lost the tiebreaker because Spain beat Finland head-to-head)
Greece:  1-4

This created the following semi-finals:

Serbia v. Spain
Slovenia v. France
Croatia v. Ukraine
Lithuania v. Italy

They played the first two quarter-finals today and, as it turned out, Spain and France (the two finalists from EuroBasket 2011) have been sand-bagging:

Serbia 60 - 90 Spain
Slovenia 62 - 72 France

So Spain and France will meet in one of the semi-finals on Friday.  The other two quarter-finals will be played tomorrow.

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