Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ashes, Match Three, Day Two

Australia was still batting when the day started -- and they were still batting when the teams broke for tea in the afternoon.  By that point, Australia was ahead 527-0, and had three wickets (outs) left in its first innings.  But there is a possibility of rain in the next few days, and a draw does Australia no good.  To win back the Ashes, the Aussies have to win three matches in a row, including this one.  So it does them no good to build a big lead if they can't take enough wickets from England to win the match.

With these facts in mind, Australia declared its innings to be over just after tea.  England then batted until the end of the day, losing two wickets and scoring 52 runs.  So the score now looks like this:

INNINGS:  Bottom of the 1st
AT BAT:  England

Whatever happens, this is clearly a very strong performance by Australia so far.

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