Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MLB Update

The Braves and the Dodgers continue to lead the way in the Power Rankings issued by CBS Sports:

1.  Atlanta Braves:  77-49
2.  Los Angeles Dodgers:  73-52
3.  Detroit Tigers:  73-52
4.  Pittsburgh Pirates:  74-51
5.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays:  72-52
6.  Boston Red Sox:  75-54
7.  St. Louis Cardinals:  73-53
8.  Texas Rangers:  73-53
9.  Cincinnati Reds:  71-55
10.  Oakland Athletics:  71-55

CBS notes that the A's are starting a 13-game stretch against four potential playoff teams -- the Orioles, Tigers, Devil Rays, and Rangers.  "Lingering around .500 over that stretch probably would be acceptable."  Meanwhile, gives the A's a 71.3 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Natstown, which has already lost as many games as it did last season, continues to malinger in 16th place.

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