Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Weekend in Western Kentucky

As always, thanks to Eric for his excellent coverage.  By the way, Ensworth High School of Nashville went to Louisville and beat Trinity 27-26.  So when the Shamrocks are rolling through the 6A playoffs, winning each game by 30 points, please remember that they lost at home to a school from Tennessee.

Oh, and Tilghman beat the McCracken All-Stars.  (I haven't yet decided what I'm going to call the new McCracken County conglomerate.  So far I'm torn between the McCracken All-Stars, the McCracken Purple Flash (since I think the school is basically Lone Oak under a different name), and McCracken-North Hopkins (since their school colors are so similar to those of Madisonville).  Plus I'll probably come up with other negative labels as the year goes on.  (For example, I'm also fond of the Not-Tilghman's).  Of course, I will always like and respect Coach Haskins, who was one of Heath's greatest coaches.  But I'm counting the days until we give up on the whole McCHS experiment.  It's just silly to send all the kids in the McCracken County school district to a single high school.  And, no, I'm not going to speculate on the chances of the football team, because any team in Class 6A that is not Trinity or St. X has no chances.  And, yes, I'm bitter about this whole thing -- I spent 30 years worrying that the Powers-That-Be in McCracken County would eventually destroy Heath High School, and by golly, that's what they did.)

In all seriousness, there's no reason for a person who loves sports not to root for Tilghman over McCHS.  Tilghman has a great and rich history, both as a school and as a football team.  They have some of the best uniforms in the Commonwealth, and the best nickname in the Commonwealth.  They also have a great fan base, and they represent a genuine community of people who have lived together for a very long time.  By contrast, McCHS is a modern contrivance with terrible colors and a vapid mascot.  It gloms together communities that have very little connection to each other and that, in many instances, don't even like each other.  Personally, I will be very surprised if McCHS is still the only high school in the McCracken County School District within 10 years.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think the best term for McCHS is the Not-Tilghman's.  Because that's really what they are.

Congrats to the Crittenden County Rockets, who got off to a nice start.

Here are the football scores from Western Kentucky this weekend (home teams listed first):

Friday, August 23:
Ballard Mem. 46 - 15 McLean Co.
Caldwell Co. 45 - 22 Christian Co.
Ft. Campbell 21 - 37 Mayfield
Fulton City 6 - 35 Crittenden Co.
Fulton Co. 6 - 45 Gleason (Tenn.)
Greenwood 6 - 35 Hopkinsville (Russell Rivals Bowl)
Hopkins Co. Cent. 14 - 19 Webster Co.
Trigg Co. 21 - 41 Russellville
Warren Central 13 - 27 Madisonville-North Hopkins (at Greenwood) (Russell Rivals Bowl)

Saturday, August 24:
Lex. Bryan Station 47 - 26 Murray (at Madison Cent.) (Roy Kidd Bowl)
McCracken Co. 23 - 24 Paducah Tilghman

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