Monday, August 26, 2013

Bulgaria Update

OK, what are the odds that PFC Ludogorets Razgrad, which was beaten 4-2 in Sofia last week by Swiss champions Basel, will go to Switzerland and pull off the two- or three-goal victory it needs to survive?  (Note that while Ludogorets must win by at least two goals, winning 2-0 or 3-1 will do them no good, as they would lose on away goals.)

Well, there aren't too many betting houses in Britain offering odds on this event.  But according to, the ones that are will give you odds of 1 to 100 if you take Basel to reach the next round.  So it's not looking good for the Bulgarians.


  1. In its last match, PFC Ludogorets Razgrad on Saturday whipped Beroe, 3-0. Here's what the newspaper 7 Days Sport had to say about our boys yesterday:

    Ludogoretz again on top in group "A". Who did not talk this season that will download it from there. And Botev and Levski that even Beroe. Do it for the little pet. Just out of attraction. Then "A" group again deliormanskoto lived under oppression.

    Many wry smile when Cyril Domusichev talked about his football project. Obviously they do not irritate the football, and this project. Because when something is designed properly, it develops. As Ludogoretz. Each year this team is getting stronger and stronger. The last time a similar trend was noticed only in Levski in the mid 90s. General else. Then the "blue" in the three seasons had a fantastic Ilian Iliev. Around him, people changed, but it was constant value to the team. Now in Razgrad is Marcelinho. On top of that seems reborn football. And that is really stressful. Was seen on Saturday night. Then supposedly the most stable team in this calendar year - Beroe, took three goals without a problem. Could to collect and double. And threefold.

    Apparently the removal of Partizan revive the desire to play at Ludogoretz. And that participation in groups can have on deliormantsi effect that revived Levski Levski coach once. Then along both Euro epics "blue" became champions without any problems at home. Simply matches on Wednesday the Old continent rose so much the level of the team, there is virtually no competition. Now, kind of like happens in Razgrad. The difference is that Cyril Domuschiev no problems Todor Batkov. The lawyer then spend the money from entry into the Champions League for everything else, but not for football. Now at 9 million lev budget before the season if Domuschiev reinvested in the club and at least half of the estimated nearly 4-5 million from UEFA Ludogoretz makes such domination in the country that in the coming years will hardly be removed from the top. Which is really a phenomenal team with barely conscious life of 3 years.

  2. It's hard to deny that Ludogorets was beaten by a better club. Bulgaria will just have to try again next year -- and when they do, we will check in on them.