Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Hey, the Newport bread truck has been recovered in Wilder, and the bread is safe! Hooray for the police!

Plus, he's featured in Southwest Airlines' in-flight magazine this month.

Paducah's recent good jobs news was not bad in Ludlington, Mich.

Just two words, Corbin: Energy beets.

Many Christians are getting together in Louisville this week. (Others will be home packing for Orlando, Fla.) It stinks that we take separate vacations.

Indiana's and Kentucky's Planned Parenthood organizations are merging.

It's a "death sentence for coal mines and job creation," but U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Barrier) wants to hear what Harlan has to say.

It's supposed to be "Miss Henderson."

Let the good times roll in Eddyville: "The 5-Star, it's like a madhouse."


  1. Kenny Perry finished at 3 under par, which left him in a tie for 41st. He did much better than Phil Mickelson, who missed the cut. But he didn't do as well as 63-year-old Tom Watson, who finished in a tie for 38th at 4 under par.

  2. Davis Love III finished in a tie for 9th at 8 under par.

  3. And, of course, the huge, huge news in the golf world is that in the HeathPostDotCom Yahoo! Fantasy Golf League, Jimmy Walker is playing No. 18 with an opportunity to break a TOURNAMENT TIE BETWEEN MATTHEW'S SILER CITY SAMURAI AND MY GINGER REEVES!

    1. And he pars No. 18! I think this means our HeathPostDotCom has just recorded its first tie.