Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Sheep boom, which, of course, recalls ...

Bridge boom (video here, too, but not Johnny Carson).

Good jobs news from GlasgowLexington and Louisville.

I'm glad to see that the president scheduled his and Cody Keenan's economics speech so that none of us Hilltoppers have to miss tonight's episode of The Neighbors, which airs at 8:30 Central tonight on ABC but appears to be moving to Fridays next season (Jami Gertz!). ABC truly is the network of WKU.

Well, exactly what would the Kentucky AG do with the "highly spoiled underachiever"?

Good stuff from Nancy Daly of on the history of the African Methodist Episcopal church, especially in Elsmere/"South Erlanger."

Apparently, it was fine-free day.

Part 1 of the 411 on meth from Muhlenberg County's sheriff.

The C-J's editor is saying when this week.

Rest in peace, Helen Thomas, who followed fellow Kentuckian Honest Abe north and then to the White House.