Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Yes, he did, says Haven King, Perry County Clerk and director of Coal Mining Our Future, to Amelia Holliday in the Hazard Herald. Bad jobs news from pretty much all of eastern Kentucky.

"You guessed it ... the chicken."

The Newport Chik-fil-A vigil continues.

Versailles will be getting its first new mayor since 1999.

Lexington Dunbar is reportedly the perennial National Beta Club Quiz Bowl juggernaut.

Yes, Virginia, there was a time when public high schools had designated "smoking areas" and even students were allowed during the school day to retreat there for a drag. For the record, Heath's, circa 1981-86, was in the lobby and perimeter of the basketball gym.

NCAA Div. I NKU hired away UW-GB's AD, instead of candidates from UNC and UNI.

Check out what they found in a storeroom at the C-J.

Yesterday, a YouTube user, "RememberTheFallenIn," posted a video honoring "Fallen Kentucky State Troopers 1948-2013."

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