Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Hooray for Kenny Perry!

And hooray from @KennyPerryGolf: "Congrats to my son @JJPerry85 on winning his Club Championship today back home at Olde Stone. Incredible day!"

Elizabethtown will honor its late mayor Thursday. Meanwhile, in Paducah, they'll be celebrating atop the Hotel Irvin Cobb (thanks for the tip, Booze Desk!) And the party has already started in Union.

Bourbon Trail love from USA Today.

Boone County has a fresh crop of farmers. Sowing seeds and promising soil in Warren County, too.

"Probably the last reunion" for the Glasgow High Class of '43.

The first sale of McCracken County High chair and bleacher seats for Mustang sports is underway.

And here comes the Henderson County schools "Home Visit Blitz."

I Have Seen the Future of Journalism, and One of Its Names Is™. But I would've never guessed that an Adair County fair note from it would've produced my second-ever "Warning Explicit Content" warning.

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  1. Man, Kenny Perry looks great, doesn't he? That dude turns 53 in about six weeks. I want to get myself into Kenny Perry shape by the time I turn 53 in eight years.