Thursday, July 11, 2013


Here is yesterday's Top 10 in the CBS Sports Power Rankings.  Eric's guys have made it to the top, but their chief nemesis is right behind them:

1.  Oakland Athletics:  54-38

(Note from CBS:  "No need to try and explain it.  They just win . . . and win . . . and win some more.  Oh, and Josh Donaldson needs to be the first injury replacement position player in the All-Star Game -- if there is one needed.  Amazing snub.")
2.  Texas Rangers:  53-38
3.  St. Louis Cardinals:  55-34
(Note from Go Heath:  I would love, love, love to see a St. Louis/Oakland World Series.  The A's and the Cardinals are two of the best franchises in baseball history, but they haven't met in the World Series since 1931.)
4.  Boston Red Sox:  56-37
5.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays:  52-40
6.  Pittsburgh Pirates:  54-36
7.  Atlanta Braves:  52-39
8.  Baltimore Orioles:  50-42
9.  Detroit Tigers:  50-40
10.  Cincinnati Reds:  51-40

Meanwhile, Natstown is poking along with a record of 47-44, five games out of first place and four games out of the Wild Card.  They've been at about this same level for months now.  CBS, which describes the Nats' first half of the season as a "severe disappointment," has them 15th.

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