Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

No joke--what's up with all the attorney suicides in Kentucky?

"No matter how much you try to prepare yourself you are never going to be prepared to lose your job."

Good jobs news from Louisville.

I think the Kentucky desk is going to institute dedicated U.S. 60 task force to follow developments specific to that road. ... Yes! ... We just did!

Turning to sports, ...

Wouldn't it be cool if Coach Jack Haskins's first address to the McCracken County Mustangs football team took place in The Heath Post Auxiliary Gym?

The 2014 Dawahares/KHSAA Hall of Fame class is out, and among the honorees are Madisonville's "Sonny" Collins (whom my father-in-law always calls, "Alfred"), Mike Fields (hooray for sportswriters!), and Don Frye (remember the Trojans!).

The 2013 Forcht Bank/KHSAA State Baseball Tournament starts this morning at 10 Central, and, both Hall-of-Famer Fields and Jason Frakes agree, the field is stacked. Go, Lone Oak! Henderson County goes! Logan County went!


  1. Replies
    1. Cols are up, 3-0, in bottom of the first and two hitters away from batting around ...

  2. Monday's KHSAA-baseball scores:

    -- Mercer County 4, Owensboro Apollo 0
    -- Prestonsburg 3, London North Laurel 0
    -- Henderson County 11, Whitesburg Letcher County Central 1 (6 innings)
    -- Shelbyville Martha Layne Collins 6, Lexington Tates Creek 4

    Today's first-round games:

    -- Ashland Blazer vs. Louisville Pleasure Ridge Park, 10 a.m. Central
    -- Louisville Saint Xavier vs. Logan County, 12:30 p.m. Central
    -- Harrison County vs. Union Larry A. Ryle
    -- Lone Oak vs. Elizabethtown Central Hardin

  3. On the lawyer suicides, there was a nice piece on National Review's web page from David French, a lawyer originally from Kentucky. I particularly liked this part:

    "We don’t tell kids that the wind can’t be caught. We tell them that they are the masters of the wind. And then one day they wake up, they barely know their kids, work is stressful, the bills have piled up, and they realize — with shocking suddenness — that they’ve likely already peaked. They won’t do better in life, and in their quest to fulfill their dreams they’ve often ignored the voice that calls them back to modesty, to focus on doing one’s duty — to God, to family, to country. The quest is not to 'have it all' but instead to have what God provides to do the work He calls us to do."

  4. Tuesday's first-round games:

    -- Louisville Pleasure Ridge Park 5, Ashland Blazer 0
    -- Louisville Saint Xavier 2, Logan County 1 (8 innings)
    -- Harrison County 4, Union Larry A. Ryle 1
    -- Elizabethtown Central Hardin 2, Lone Oak 0

    Today's quarterfinals:

    -- Mercer County vs. Presonsburg, 5 p.m. Central
    -- Henderson County vs. Shelbyville Martha Layne Collins, 7:30 p.m. Central

    Thursday's quarterfinals:

    -- PRP vs. St. X, 5 p.m. Central
    -- Harrison County vs. Central Hardin, 7:30 p.m. Central