Saturday, June 22, 2013

College Baseball Update

Ding, dong! UNC has been eliminated from the College World Series.  The Heels were eliminated last night, as UCLA beat them 4-1.  So the opening brackets have been completed, and only two teams are left:

Bracket One
Mississippi St. 5, Oregon St. 4
Indiana 2, Louisville 0
Oregon St. 11, Louisville 4 (Louisville eliminated)
Mississippi St. 5, Indiana 4
Oregon St. 1, Indiana 0 (Indiana eliminated)
Mississippi St. 4, Oregon St. 1 (Oregon St. eliminated)

Bracket Two
N. Carolina St. 8, N. Carolina 1
UCLA 2, Louisiana St. 1
N. Carolina 4, Louisiana St. 2 (Louisiana St. eliminated)
UCLA 2, N. Carolina St. 1
N. Carolina 7, N. Carolina St. 0 (N. Carolina St. eliminated)
UCLA 4, N. Carolina 1 (N. Carolina eliminated)

Neither Mississippi State nor UCLA were among the top 8 seeds when the NCAA Baseball Tournament began, and both had to go on the road to win their Super Regionals.  But in a College World Series dominated by pitching, their pitching has been the best so far.

Neither UCLA nor Mississippi State has ever won the NCAA baseball championship.  UCLA is in the final for the first time since 2010, when they were beaten by South Carolina.  Mississippi St. is in the final for the first time ever.  This is the sixth year in a row that an SEC team has made the final -- the SEC is 3-2 so far in those final series.

The ACC still hasn't won the NCAA baseball title since Wake Forest pulled the trick in 1955.

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