Thursday, June 20, 2013

College Baseball Update

The Hoosiers have been eliminated, so Mitch Barnhart can breathe a little bit easier:

Bracket One
Mississippi St. 5, Oregon St. 4
Indiana 2, Louisville 0
Oregon St. 11, Louisville 4 (Louisville eliminated)
Mississippi St. 5, Indiana 4
Oregon St. 1, Indiana 0 (Indiana eliminated)
Oregon State will play Mississippi St. tomorrow at 2 P.M. Central

Bracket Two
N. Carolina St.  8, N. Carolina 1
UCLA 2, Louisiana St. 1
N. Carolina 4, Louisiana St. 2 (Louisiana St. eliminated)
UCLA 2, N. Carolina St. 1
UNC will eliminate NCSU tonight, and then the Heels will play UCLA tomorrow night at  7 P.M. Central.

By the way, they are thinking of changing the ball in college baseball because the scores have been so low.  Personally, I think the games have been pretty entertaining, but then again I'm used to the Nats.


  1. NCSU has as many errors (2) as hits (2) so far tonight. In the top of the 8th, UNC leads 4-0.

    I should have gone to Vegas and bet everything I had on UNC.

  2. UNC is now up 6-0 after 7 1/2 innings.

    If I had been raised as an NCSU fan, I would have stopped watching sports a long time ago. I couldn't put myself through this year after year.

    NCSU should have pulled a Texas A & M and joined the SEC a few years ago. Instead, they will just keep losing to UNC forever.