Tuesday, June 18, 2013

College Baseball Update

With all the excitement surrounding the U.S. Open, as well as the Drillers' 24-17 upset victory over the Hawks, we haven't been keeping up with the College World Series.  So here's where everything stands in Omaha:

Bracket One:
Mississippi St. 5, Oregon St. 4
Indiana 2, Louisville 0
Oregon St. 11, Louisville 4 (Louisville eliminated)
Mississippi St. 5, Indiana 4

Louisville's performance makes Vanderbilt's loss in the Super Regionals look even more pathetic.  But wouldn't it be something if Mississippi State actually went all the way?

Bracket Two:
N. Carolina St. 8, N. Carolina 1
UCLA 2, Louisiana St. 1

No result all year has surprised me more than N.C. State's win over UNC.  I can't remember the Wolfpack beating the Tar Heels in a meaningful game since the 1983 ACC basketball tournament.  But the Heels aren't finished yet -- they have a huge elimination game with LSU this afternoon.


  1. The Heels beat LSU 4-2, so NCSU isn't out of the woods yet.

  2. LSU scored 3 runs in 18 innings of CWS baseball. That was truly Vandy-like.

  3. Tonight features the biggest game between UCLA and N. Carolina State since the 1974 Final Four.

  4. The color commentator on the radio broadcast of the UCLA/NCSU game has a different conception of English syntax than most of us. He just said that against LSU, UCLA "reached the leadoff man" on six different occasions. I suppose that means that UCLA's leadoff man reached base in six of nine innings.

    "Reached the leadoff man." That's worse than "scored the ball."

    1. The one that most bothers me is "spurtability."

  5. As we head into the 9th inning, UCLA leads NCSU 2-1. The difference in the game comes from the third inning, when NCSU had runners on 2d and 3d with one out. NCSU hit a single to left, which scored the runner from 3d and advanced the other runner from 2d to 3d. But the throw from left field went over the catcher's head, and the runner on 3d then tried to run home. This was really stupid, as he was easily thrown out. If he had stayed at 3d, NCSU could have scored with a grounder or a fly ball.

  6. Of course, NCSU has to lose this game so that they can be eliminated by UNC.

  7. UCLA beats NCSU 2-1. The Wolfpack will be eliminated by the Tar Heels on Thursday night.