Saturday, May 11, 2013

Number3Son Presents the National Yankee Times

To supplement our baseball coverage, we are posting Issue 1 of the National Yankee Times, a new publication from Number3Son that focuses on the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals.  As you will see, Number3Son has developed his own method for calculating the standings.  He gives each team one point for a win and minus-one points for a loss.  Without further ado, here is the National Yankee Times:

The National Yankee Times
Nationals behind, 5-7; Yankees tied with Baltimore & Boston with 8 points
Welcome to the first copy of The National Yankee Times, a newspaper sports article
on the Washington
Nationals and the New
York Yankees. As it
Stands, the Yankees
Are in a three-way tie for first place, and the Nationals are in 2nd place in their section of the league, thanks to their rivals, the Atlanta Braves. The Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles rival the Yankees in the standings.
Current Standings
New York Yankee standings:
American League East
Team     Wins      Times Lost   Total Points    Place Value
NYY      21           13                  8                    1st tied
BO         22           14                  8                    1st tied
BRS       22           14                  8                    1st tied
TBR       17           18                -1                     4th Place
TBJ        13           24               -11                    Last Place

Notes: Quite a fight is going on! It’s a three-way tie for First Place, but the Yankee fans have hope. For should the Yankees win their next game, they’ll be in First Place in the Ranking!

Washington National standings
Team      Wins     Games Lost Points    Ranking
AB          21          14               7            First Place
WN         20          15               5            2nd Place
NYM      14          18              -4            3rd Place
PP            16          21              -5            4th Place
MM        11          25            -14            Last Place

Notes: The Nationals are having issues with their rivals, the Atlanta Braves. They are two points behind the Braves. To make matters worse, Bryce Harper, one of the stars of the team, has surgery for an ingrown toenail! Can the Nationals win the games without their super batter?


  1. dr. maddux cut out my ingrown toenail and told me to go back to work. so maybe bryce won't be out for long. like the simplicity of your standings, but would like a " games behind column", since it is the first statistic i look for when i view baseball standings. go yankees!!!

  2. And from the A's Gazette: Oakland 4 at Seattle 3 (phew). The losing streak ends at five games.

  3. After Sunday's action, the Nats have 3 points while the Braves have five.

    Meanwhile, the Yankees have 10 points, Baltimore has 8, and the Red Sox have 6.

  4. A's, losers of six of their previous seven, opened a series with Texas with a 5-1 win Monday night. Huge win. Oakland (20-20) is now five games behind the division-leading Rangers, who have won seven of their last 10.

    Second of three-game series is scheduled for 9:05 Central tonight.

  5. 4-4 through eight innings ... with one on and two out in bottom half, A's appear to have gotten hosed again ...

    Jane Lee ‏@JaneMLB
    Barton did appear to be safe at first base. It took Melvin less than 30 seconds to get ejected.
    11:55 PM - 14 May 13

  6. No more ... and it's a good thing ... the live stream appeared to be jinxing the A's ... Rangers have first and second with one out ...

  7. Due up in bottom of ninth for A's: Adam Rosales, Jed Lowrie and my main man Yoenis C├ęspedes. Remains 4-4 ...

    1. Lowrie strikeout (Texas pitcher Tanner Scheppers has a 0.46 ERA).

    2. One time, Yoenis! One time!

    3. Down 0-2 on two fouls off 95mph-plus pitches ...

    4. Two more fouls ... latest pitch was 98 mph!

  8. Well, heck ... I've got to get to bed. Come on, A's.


    A's threw their closer, Grant Balfour, in the scoreless top of the ninth but then came back with another pitcher, Chris Resop, and he gave up a couple of home runs. So Rangers have 6-4 advantage going into bottom of the 10th. Oakland scores one and has bases loaded with one out(!)--only to have Texas's Joe Nathan shut her down with a strikeout/groundout finish. URGH!

    Last of the three-game series with the division-leading Rangers (six games up on second-place Oakland and seven on third-place Seattle) is scheduled for 2:35 p.m. Central today in Oakland.