Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Album Review: The Invisible Way by Low

This album strength also highlights its weakness. Musically it is a beautiful album to listen to. It's quiet, subtle, and has wonderfully haunting melodies. Problem is this sound highlights the lyrics and they fall short of being up to the standards set by the music.

Still if it's a rainy dreary day and you are looking for some mood music for a down day this would be a good album to throw on. Just have it running in the background and the sound will create the mood you desire. If you get drawn into listening to the lyrics you will burn out on the album before it reaches its end.

Lyrically the album reminds me of something I participated in in college. The UK English department was trying to revive a long dead poetry journal. I was a reader on the journal. The vast majority of the poetry submitted was so abstract it had no meaning to anyone other than the writer of the poetry. Poetry doesn't work when no one else gets it and the same is true for song lyrics.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 1 out of 5 stars for Just OK.


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    1. I'd only heard the Toby Keith cover of that one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CLacRKKhG8