Monday, April 22, 2013

Where Are They Now? End of the Regular Season

Eric Bledsoe (Los Angeles Clippers)
20mpg, 45% fg, 40% 3pt, 3rpg, 3apg, 9ppg, +23.0 eff
This was a breakout season for Bledsoe as he garnered a lot of attention with his ability to explode to the basket. In the opening playoff game against Memphis he scored 15 points in 18 minutes and shot 7 for 7.

DeMarcus Cousins* (Sacramento Kings)
31mpg, 47% fg, 10rpg, 3apg, 17ppg, +20.0 eff
Cousins continued to have issues this season getting benched a few times, etc. But the Kings made it clear that he is their franchise player. It is certainly time for Cousins to step up and show himself to be the talent everyone believes he is.

Anthony Davis* (New Orleans Hornets)
29mpg, 52% fg, 8rpg, 1apg, 14ppg, +18.2 eff
Davis did not have the kind of impact that some had predicted, but he did have a solid rookie season and shot over 50% from the floor. That's always good for a big man.

Chuck Hayes (Sacramento Kings)
16mpg, 44% fg, 4rpg, 2apg, 3ppg, +6.6 eff
It's funny but as much as Cousins is criticized, that's how much Hayes is liked by the media that covers the NBA. Not sure how many more years a guy like Hayes can last in the NBA, but he's consistent and a hard worker and that has served him well. It would be nice if he could land on a decent team.

Terrence Jones (Houston Rockets)
15mpg, 46% fg, 3rpg, 1apg, 6ppg, +6.0 eff
OK the good part is for Jones he made the playoff team and not only that played 18 minutes in the opener. He only shot 2 of 7 from the field but had 8 rebounds.

Enes Kanter (Utah Jazz)
15mpg, 54% fg, 4rpg, 7ppg, +8.6 eff
Like Bledsoe Kanter had a bit of a breakout season this year. There was a lot of talk about him getting traded around. Look for him to start somewhere next season.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist* (Charlotte Bobcats)
26mpg, 46% fg, 6rpg, 2apg, 9ppg, +11.8 eff
Kidd-Gilchrist started all season and surprised me with a solid shooting percentage. He's going to be an interesting player to watch as he develops as a shooter and gets bigger and stronger.

Brandon Knight* (Detroit Pistons)
32mpg, 41% fg, 37% 3p, 3rpg, 4apg, 13ppg, +11.0 eff
Knight continues to start for Detroit and showed much more consistency this season though he's still struggling a bit as a shooter. He had a tough year in some ways becoming the poster boy of getting posterized.

Doron Lamb (Orlando Magic)
12mpg, 37% fg, 38% 3p, 1rpg, 1apg, 3ppg, +2.2 eff
Lamb was getting significant minutes by the end of the year for Orlando. The good thing for Lamb is that while he shot only 25% from three while with the Bucks during the first half of the year, he shot 48% from three for the Magic.

DeAndre Liggins (Oklahoma City Thunder)
7mpg, 1rpg, 2ppg, +3.0 eff
Liggins has made the initial playoff roster for the Thunder so that's great for him. I'm hopeful that next season he'll start to see a bit more playing time.

Jodie Meeks (Los Angeles Lakers)
21mpg, 39% fg, 36% 3p, 2rpg, 1apg, 8ppg, +2.0 eff
Meeks certainly had a chance this season to become a major impact player. He was getting a lot of attention in LA, but has really struggle to produce as a shooter the way the Lakers hoped. It will be curious to see where he ends up, if anywhere next season.

Darius Miller (New Orleans Hornets)
13mpg, 41% fg, 39% 3p, 2rpg, 1apg, 2ppg, +3.5 eff
Miller played in 52 games this season for New Orleans and put up pretty good numbers. I am hopeful we will see him return next year. If he continues to improve his three point shooting as he has all season there will be a place for him in the NBA.

Nazr Mohammed (Chicago Bulls)
11mpg, 37% fg, 3rpg, 3ppg, +2.0 eff
I always assume every year will be Mohammed's last but he continues to plug along somewhere. Always room for a big many who can play defense and rebound.

Daniel Orton (Oklahoma City Thunder)
8mpg, 46% fg, 2rpg, 3ppg, +3.4 eff
He is not with the team currently in the playoffs, but if they face a team where they feel they need size I wouldn't be surprised to see him there. He was getting quite a bit of playing time down the stretch of the regular season. I have a feeling next year will be his first consistent season in the NBA.

Patrick Patterson (Sacramento Kings)
22mpg, 51% fg, 5rpg, 1apg, 10ppg, +11.9 eff
Patterson had a professional season. He went from being a starter on a playoff team to a bench player on a bad team. Hopefully next year he can find his way into a winning situation.

Tayshaun Prince* (Memphis Grizzlies)
32mpg, 44% fg, 40% 3p, 4rpg, 2apg, 10ppg, +5.0 eff
Prince of course had the opposite season to Pattersons. He was traded from a perennial loser onto a contender at Memphis.

Rajon Rondo* (Boston Celtics)
37mpg, 48% fg, 24% 3p, 6rpg, 11apg, 14ppg, +21.4 eff
Rondo tore his ACL back in January and is out for the year.

Marquis Teague (Chicago Bulls)
8mpg, 38% fg, 1rpg, 1apg, 2ppg, +2.3 eff
I know that Teague has expressed some frustrations this year at having to spend so much time on the bench, but the Bulls have pretty openly expressed their thinking that Teague will be a good long term player for them. Hopefully next year he can start to see some more playing time.

John Wall* (Washington Wizards)
33mpg, 44% fg, 27% 3p, 4rpg, 8apg, 19ppg, +19.4 eff
Because of how Washington played after Wall's return, they will be expected to make a run at the playoffs next season and Wall will be getting a lot more attention. He needs to work on his shooting, but otherwise he proved himself to be an impactful player.


  1. I was happy to see a note on Twitter that Darius Miller was back home in Maysville today.

  2. So Cousins averaged a double-double. That's pretty good.

  3. Chuck Hayes in the pros sounds exactly like Chuck Hayes at UK.

    If you go back and look, you will see that Hayes was on the 2003, 2004 and 2005 teams that were all seeded 1 or 2 in the NCAA Tournament, and that UK collapsed after he left the team.

  4. I hope Davis is healthy next year.

  5. I thought Wall had a great year, but I still don't think the Wiz are playoff bound. They were 24-25 with Wall in the lineup, and they lost their last six games of the year.

    1. Yeah but they were missing Beal at the end of the year. Also that's a better winning percentage than the team occupying the 8th position in the playoffs.