Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Future of College Football

Not sure why but I got to thinking today about the future of college football and what it will look like. There is a lot of talk of a split from the NCAA, etc. I'm not sure how realistic that is, but if I were the top teams I would be looking to mimic the NFL model and so here is what I would come up with.

I would create four conferences with two divisions of eight teams. The 64 teams would only be allowed to play one another and I would have a fairly structured schedule as well as a structured playoff system.

Using the current top conferences here is a scenario for how it might look. Not sure teams like Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, or Northwestern would make this cut, but you can pick who you want to plug in there.

I would also stipulate the following for players. Players could either choose to take a four year college scholarship, they would have to stay the full four years, or they could opt out of the scholarship and instead choose to play on salary. They could opt out at any time and go to the NFL, but they could also be cut at any time. Players on scholarship would be protected for the full four years.

East North
DivA DivA
Duke Ohio St. 
N.C. State Penn St. 
Wake Forest Wisconsin 
Maryland  Purdue 
Boston College  Indiana 
North Carolina  Illinois 
Syracuse  Iowa St. 
Georgia Tech  Iowa 
DivB DivB
Virginia Tech  Northwestern 
Clemson  Michigan St. 
Virginia  Minnesota 
Florida St.  Nebraska 
Georgia  Notre Dame 
Florida  West Virginia 
South Carolina  Michigan 
Miami Kansas 

South West
DivA DivA
Auburn  Oregon 
Mississippi  Stanford 
Louisville  Oregon St. 
Vanderbilt  Washington 
Missouri  California 
Tennessee  Washington St. 
Kentucky  Colorado 
Alabama  Arizona St. 
DivB DivB
Texas A&M  USC 
LSU  Arizona 
Mississippi St.  Utah 
Texas  UCLA 
Arkansas  Kansas St. 
Texas Tech  Oklahoma St. 
Baylor  BYU 
TCU  Oklahoma 

Regular Schedule (cannot schedule any games outside of these four conferences)
7 games in division
2 games in conference
3 games out of conference

Conference Championships
East vs North | South vs West
(this would switch around, and two out of conference games would be affected by who your conference was playing that year in the playoffs.)
Championship Game

Example Schedule for Kentucky
at Washington  (South vs West crossover)
Colorado  (South vs West crossover)
at Indiana  (Out of conference rival game)
LSU  (Conference Game)
at Baylor  (Conference Game)
Alabama  (Division Schedule Begins)
at Mississippi
at Auburn
at Tennessee


  1. Would you actually prefer this to the current system, or is this just something you think could happen?

  2. I have to say the more I think about it the more I realize I would actually prefer this.

    Do I think it could happen? Not really but with the collapse of the Big East we are definitely at a place where there are legitimately five conferences that are competing for the national title. Why should those 64 or so teams mess with sharing money with the University of Idaho and the NCAA?

  3. Why would you prefer this arrangement?

  4. For one I have wanted some sort of playoff for quite some time. This would take care of that. Two it would make for much more interesting regular season games as it would eliminate 60 bad teams from being on the top tier schedules. Third it would put teams like Idaho back at a level where they could compete to win not just to make a buck.