Monday, April 29, 2013

Pennant Fever

"Hey, Go Heath," you are probably thinking, "whatever happened to the English Premier League?  Why haven't we gotten more updates?"

The answer, my friends, is that this has been one of the most boring EPL seasons ever.  Manchester United jumped out to a huge lead early on, and no one has really challenged them since.  With only a few games remaining, the only real drama is whether Arsenal or Spurs will get the last spot in next year's Champions League by coming in fourth place:

1.  Man Utd:  27-4-4 (85 points)
2.  Man City:  21-5-8 (71 points)
3.  Chelsea:  19-7-8 (65 points)
4.  Arsenal:  18-7-10 (64 points)
5.  Spurs:  18-8-8 (62 points)
6.  Everton:  15-6-14 (59 points)
7.  Liverpool:  14-9-12 (54 points)

The situation is just as bad in Scotland, where Rangers' banishment to the lower depths of Scottish football (for debt problems) has left Celtic with no challengers:

1.  Celtic:  22-7-6 (72 points)
2.  Motherwell:  17-9-9 (60 points)
3.  Inverness Caledonian Thistle:  12-8-15 (51 points)

Better luck next year, British soccer fans.

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