Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

First, there exists a football team called the "Owensboro Rage," which is so odd because Owensboro has always struck me as one of Kentucky's two or three most placid towns. Second, the Continental Indoor Football League team has signed a linebacker/safety/quarterback from Maysville who played for Harvard. Third, the season opens Feb. 8, and I've signed up for email alerts from all three of Kentucky's CIFL teams (of which the Marion Blue Racers are sadly not one). So, get ready.

Meanwhile, there's no lack of rage in Whitley City with regard to the closure of McCreary County's jail.

Ex-WKU Lady Toppers coach (and Kentucky Miss Basketball while playing for Marshall County High) Mary Taylor Cowles is reportedly getting into AAU coaching.

"One of Lexington's most beloved literary figures" is leaving UK to teach at the University of South Carolina--but mostly to care for her parents.

There is almost certainly an interesting story or two to hear about Mr. (Benjamin Franklin) Egner, who was born quite near the Eggner Ferry Bridge.

President Lincoln's watch was the most-viewed artifact in 2012 at the Kentucky Historical Society's new online database.

Wet or dry in Lyon County?

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