Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

"I ask God to bless him…And oh, He does! He’s met every need. But, I NEVER expected UK tickets!"

Kentucky's "leisure and hospitality sector" is leading the state's jobs recovery.

Part of the surge probably has to do with an increase in revenues from Michael Bolton and his entourage. The singer sang in Madisonville last month, and the author is writing books in Bowling Green next.

HeathPoMight Sen. McConnell be vulnerable to losing yet again?

Anne Braden: Southern Patriot.

(Progressing) home of the Mustangs.

Meanwhile, at Reidland, ...

A second setback for West Hickman Baptist.

They Believe in Owensboro, and now they can drink a Coke.

She hails from Owensboro, and Friday she'll be on Jeopardy. (We will hope she does even better than this teacher from Catlettsburg last year.)

The Super Bowl rosters include players from Paducah Tilghman, Lexington Tates Creek and Louisville Central, as well as a Hilltopper (and I'm not talking about the Harbaughs).

Maybe a NumbernSon could weigh in on Kentucky Route Zero some day.

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