Friday, December 7, 2012

SEC Basketball Standings, 1992-2012

Conference regular season games only:

Kentucky:  260-76 (12 SEC Tournament titles)
Florida:  204-132 (3 SECT titles)
Alabama:  175-161
Mississippi St:  175-161 (3 SECT titles)
Tennessee:  173-163
Arkansas:  171-165 (1 SECT title)
Vanderbilt:  166-170 (1 SECT title)
Georgia:  144-192 (1 SECT title)
Louisiana St:  143-193
Mississippi:  143-193
Auburn:  133-203
S. Carolina:  129-207

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  1. My wife recently worked at a church retreat for teen-agers with the mother of the dude from Earlington who played forward so well for Georgia in recent seasons. He's playing pro in Argentina now. Anyway, my wife said both the mom and the forward, who was there to support his mom, were super-nice. My wife and he bonded over the fact that they were both wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers!