Thursday, December 13, 2012

NFL Poll: Week 15

With Houston and Atlanta suffering heavy losses, the old school teams have retaken control of the NFL Poll.  Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, together again on top:

1.  New England Patriots:  10-3
2.  Denver Broncos:  10-3
3.  San Francisco 49ers:  9-3-1
4.  Houston Texans:  11-2
5.  Atlanta Falcons:  11-2
T6.  New York Giants:  8-5
T6.  Green Bay Packers:  9-4
T8.  Seattle Seahawks:  8-5
T8.  Baltimore Ravens:  9-4
10.  Indianapolis Colts:  9-4

The Washington Redskins (7-6), who just beat the Ravens in one of the greatest NFL games of all time for their fourth straight victory, moved from 14th to 11th.  The Miami Dolphins (5-8) who were beaten in San Francisco, fell from 20th to 23d.

We have a plethora of good games this week.  For the second week in a row, the Patriots will be part of the Game of the Week, as they will host the Niners on Sunday night.  The number 2 Broncos will visit Baltimore to take on the Ravens.  The number 4 Texans will host the number 10 Colts. And the number 5 Falcons will host the Giants.  So eight of the top 10 teams will be playing each other -- the only time that's happened all year.  MORE LIFE!  MORE FOOTBALL!

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