Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kentucky 55 - 64 Baylor

Well, Coach Cal is going to have to earn his money this year.  This team is just a train wreck right now.  They blew a 55-game home winning streak to a silly, sloppy, AAU-type squad from Baylor, and they were never close to winning.  UK jumped out to a 15-7 lead, Baylor went to a 2-3 zone, and the Cats just fell apart.  They shot 4-22 from three point range.  They shot 9-18 from the line.  They had eight shots blocked, mainly because they never could figure out that Baylor's 7-foot center, Isaiah Austin, is taller than anyone on our team.  They made 16 turnovers, mainly because they don't realize that you can't dribble through a 2-3 zone with BCS-quality athletes.  They showed a little more life on defense, and they out-rebounded Baylor 45-35, but if they don't figure out how to run a decent half-court offense against a zone, they are in for a long, long year.

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