Thursday, September 27, 2012

The AP PRO32

Now that the AP has launched its own NFL poll, we no longer have to do the HP poll (which was our effort to project what the AP would do).

As you will see, the rankings have been scrambled -- which is not surprising, as the Packers and Patriots (who have dominated the rankings in recent years) are both 1-2.  Here is the current top 10:

1.  Houston Texans:  3-0
2.  Atlanta Falcons:  3-0
3.  Baltimore Ravens:  2-1
T4.  San Francisco 49ers:  2-1
T4.  New York Giants:  2-1
6.  Arizona Cardinals:  3-0
7.  Green Bay Packers:  1-2
8.  New England Patriots:  1-2
9.  Seattle Seahawks:  2-1
10.  Chicago Bears:  2-1

The Redskins are number 21; the Dolphins are number 28.

There are no games between top 10 teams this week.