Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The 4th District Tournament in 1975

This was the first year the Marshall County Marshals participated in the KHSAA playoffs; MCHS was formed from the merger of the Benton Indians, the North Marshall Jets, and the South Marshall Rebels at the beginning of the 1974-75 school year. This left the 4th district with only three teams, which resulted in a rather goofy format whereby the team that lost the first game got another chance to make the district final and thereby qualify for regionals. 

All games at Murray State: 

Calloway Co. 51, Marshall Co. 47 
Murray 60, Marshall Co. 56 
Calloway Co. 58, Murray 44 

Other notes on this district: 

Prior to 1970-71, Murray had a school known as Murray University School. Before 1967, that school had been known as Murray College High. 

Prior to 1963-64, there was an African-American school in Murray known as Murray Douglass. 

The 1960 4th District Tournament featured 11 schools. But before the 1960-61 school year, Calloway County H.S. was formed from a merger of the Almo Warriors, the Hazel Lions, the Faxon Panthers, the Kirksey Eagles, the Lynn Grove Wildcats, and the New Concord Redbirds.

South Marshall High School was formed in the fall of 1956. It resulted from a merger of the Brewers Redmen and Hardin High School. Brewers went undefeated and won the state title in 1948 -- and it was the last state champ to finish the season with a perfect record.

North Marshall High School -- the last high school from the First Region to win the State Championship -- was formed in the fall of 1954. It resulted from a merger of the Sharpe Green Devils, Calvert City, Gilbertsville, and Briensburg.

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