Friday, February 24, 2012

The 6th District Tournament in 1975

Here's what happened in the 6th District boys' basketball tournament in 1975. This tournament was played at Henderson City High School: 

Union Co. 63, Webster Co. 42 
Providence 81, Henderson Co. 61 
Union Co. 62, Henderson City 39 
Union Co. 81, Providence 56 

A few notes: 

After the 1975-76 school year, Henderson City H.S. was merged into Henderson County High. 

After the 2005-06 school year, Providence H.S. was absorbed by Webster County High. 

Prior to the 1970-71 school year, Henderson had a Catholic school known as Henderson Holy Name. 

Union County was formed in 1964 from the merger of Morganfield and Stugis High Schools. 

Before the beginning of the 1967-68 year, there was a high school in Morganfield known as St. Vincent's Academy. You can find information about it here and here.

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