Friday, April 29, 2011

NBA Update

The first round of the playoffs is almost over. After the Hornets won game 4, the Lakers decided to start playing for real -- sort of like your dad after you put his king in check. The Lakers thumped New Orleans in the last two games of the series: 106-90 and 98-80. The Magic are the only higher-seeded team to be eliminated so far. Amazingly, Orlando's trade for Gilbert Arenas didn't help them very much. The Spurs are having a lot more trouble with Memphis than LA had with NO; the Spurs/Grizzlies game in Memphis tonight should be excellent. It's on ESPN, and it should be worth watching. For all intents and purposes, that will be the series decider; if the Grizzlies can't end the series at home tonight, they will almost certainly lose at San Antonio in game 7.

Teams with a chance to win the title in bold:


Bulls 4 - 1 Pacers
Magic 2 - 4 Hawks
Celtics 4 - 0 Knicks
Heat 4 - 1 76ers


Spurs 2 - 3 Grizzlies
Thunder 4 - 1 Nuggets
Mavericks 4 - 2 Trail Blazers
Lakers 4 - 2 Hornets

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