Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, Kentucky

"3 Paducah Restaurants You Don't Want to Miss." (I was in Madisonville's Radioshack the other day, and some young guy working there kept talking about how much he loved Whaler's Catch. I was surprised to learn that it had moved downtown.)

Fantastic jobs news from Louisville, which had recently gotten a rotten dose of same.

Meanwhile, back West, I wonder if Russ Cochran had some influence here.

"The Best Town on Earth" needs your help.

What an outstanding cover the 1972 Heath High School Pirata had.

Smart Grid!

An "Ah, Footbah" postscript: Bob Schneider won't be erased from the KHSAA record books quite yet.


  1. I think Whaler's Catch has been downtown for 20 years.

  2. Did you know the newspaper's not called the "Sun-Democrat" anymore?

  3. I remember that 1972 Pirata cover. I spent a lot of my junior and senior years looking through old Piratas.