Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tour de France Preview

Well just to give you guys a heads up the Tour de France starts this weekend so you'll be getting daily updates for a while.

People are viewing this as a three way race.  Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, and Andy Schleck are the big three to watch.  Cadel Evans and Bradley Wiggins may finish top 5, but I don't think anyone is expecting them to take the title over the other three.  Contador has won the last two TdF's he raced in, and has won the last 4 grand tours he's raced in.  He won the TdF in 2007, the Giro and the Vuelta in 2008, and then the TdF again in 2009.  He is obviously the favorite, though he has a very questionable team behind him.  Lance is well, Lance.  Assuming he can find his form he has a very strong, but old team behind him.  With that combination he very well could win it again.  Schleck I feel has to do it this year because it looks as though his team won't be around next year and I find it hard to imagine that he can bounce to another team and win right away.  He should have won it in 2008, but luck was not on his side, instead he setup his teammate Carlos Sastre for the win.  Anyhow Schleck is young, but I think if he fails this year it will take a couple of years to get back.  He and his brother have a dream of running their own team and that will take a while to build up if they start from scratch. 

Tyler Farrar will be the big guy at Garmin trying to win the Green Jersey.  My guess is that Cavendish will come in at the top of his game and dominate like he did last year.  Though Farrar is better now than he was a year ago, he still can't match Cavendish.

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