Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Men: Episode 4:1

Here are a few thoughts on the first episode of the new season:

1. I no longer have any interest in what happens to Betty. We have spent over three years now learning about Betty and her goofy family, and I have to agree with Henry's mother that she is basically a silly woman. If Matt Weiner believes that Betty is capable of being something more than what we've seen so far, he needs to get moving quickly, because I am not interested at this point.

2. To be fair, Betty wasn't in this episode very much. I always think that "Mad Men" works best when they focus on the agency, and they did a good job of that in this episode. I like watching the creative process, and I hope we get more of that this year.

3. They did not have televised football on the Friday night after Thanksgiving when I was a kid growing up in the 1970s, and I would be surprised if they did so in 1964.

4. While I enjoyed this episode a great deal, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the whole story had been told from Pete and Peggy's point of view, with Don only making a few appearances.

5. I hope the scene at the end means that Don is going to start taking more responsibility for generating business. I would like to see Don taking more responsibility for anything -- it would be a sign that he is actually growing.

6. I would really, really love to know why they made the decision to keep Harry's character and to eliminate Sal, Paul and Ken.

7. Only 12 episodes left. I'll enjoy them while I can.


  1. This was an outstanding episode, and, as to your Point 5, I agree that this was the signal we were supposed to receive.

    A few things that I thought about last night ...

    -- We saw a lot more TV on the show than ever last night, and we saw football on TV on two separate occasions. And given that Hoho and ja alai's exit would now eliminate any vague conflict-of-interest qualms, we now have the door open for SCDP to pursue the AFL or NFL as an account.

    -- I predict that Jane's friend has a HUGE future on this show.

    -- I had to get on Internet to track the "John"/"Marsha" thing. My first guess was that maybe these were main characters' names in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Alas,

    -- I'm very concerned for Joan's wellbeing.

  2. I was also struck by the two football references. I would love to have an episode built around SCDP trying to work with Pat Summerall or Frank Gifford to do a commercial.

  3. that would be fantastic. FANTASTIC!