Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack 1, Tiger 0

The most interesting thing I've seen at the British Open over the last two days is this video in which Jack Nicklaus talks about the greatness of golf in terms of forming character. If you listen carefully, it seems clear that every word in this commercial is a shot at Tiger.


  1. i'm not so sure it's intended as a shot at Tiger, but i definitely think it can be viewed in that context. i think golf painted itself in this language before the Tiger sex scandal broke. in fact, if this is an intentional shot at Tiger, i think it's a pretty short-sighted piece of in-fighting by the usga. in light of the Tiger scandal, the obvious response to this commercial from a critic would be, "wonderful that golf taught Jack Nicklaus and these people all this great stuff, but no one has been more deeply immersed in golf than Tiger Woods and look at what it taught (or failed to teach him). so what's the point of golf?" if i was the usga, i think i'd confime my messaging to something along the lines of, "golf is a fun and interesting game that you can play, too."

  2. I agree with you on what the USGA should do, but I think they feel like Tiger has done harm to the game, and they're trying to unwind some of that damage.