Friday, July 9, 2010

Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue

Forget the World Cup. The United States is competing in the under-17 World Championships of boys' basketball, which are taking place in Hamburg, Germany. Here's what we did in the group stage:

07/02/2010: Argentina 70 - 82 USA
07/03/2010: USA 102 - 66 Lithuania
07/05/2010: USA 113 - 73 China
07/06/2010: Egypt 64 - 132 USA
07/07/2010: USA 112 - 75 Serbia

Not surprisingly, given those results, we topped our group. This set up a match today in the quarterfinals with Australia, which we won by 105-70. Next up we get Canada, who beat China 102-96 in their quarterfinal matchup. The US-Canada game will take place on Saturday at noon (I think). The final is on Sunday.

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