Saturday, July 17, 2010

British Open - Saturday - 8:30 PM (BST)

I should say that I've never seen St. Andrews look more beautiful than it does right now, in the soft Mario-Golf twilight and with some of the longest shadows you will ever see. Of course, I've never seen in HD before, and that may be the difference.

I should also point out that in Britain, there has been quite a controversy over the decision to suspend play yesterday, with the R&A vehemently insisting that they were not trying to favor anyone ("McIlroy, cough, Woods, cough"). Like many other Western Elites over the last few years, the R&A have been forced to claim that they are not crooked, merely incompetent.

Miguel Jimenez, dressed in an all-yellow outfit that the Guardian described as being from 1972, got huge cheer at the Road Hole when, finding his ball right up against a wall behind the green, he bounced his next shot off the wall and onto the putting surface. He still got a double bogey but loud hurrahs -- the galleries, like most of us in the West these days, resigned to cheering for style since there is a shortage of ability.

Speaking of ability, Oosthuizen continues to roll along like the 2005 version of Tiger, simply banging out par after par and daring anyone to catch him. Casey got off to a very fast start, but hasn't yet been able to get over the top.

1. L. Oosthuizen (RSA): -13 (51 holes)
2. P. Casey (ENG): -11 (52)
T3. M. Kaymer (GER): -8 (54)
T3. A. Canizares (ESP): -8 (52)
5. H. Stenson (SWE): -7 (54)

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  1. Since the Spaniards are winning everything you have to like Canizares chances.