Thursday, July 15, 2010

British Open -- End of First Round

Winds and rains started to pelt the course as the day went on, so most of our leaders come from the half of the field that played in the morning. The most important things that happened in the afternoon were that Lee Westwood shot a 5-under par 67 (so he's still in it), and Phil Mickelson shot a 1-over par 73 (so he's probably out of it). I should also point out that the winds are really supposed to blow tomorrow.

Here is a very interesting leader board:

1. R. McIlroy (NIR): -9 (63)
2. L. Oosthuizen (RSA): -7 (65)
T3. J. Daly (USA): -6 (66)
T3. A. Coltart (SCO): -6 (66)
T3. S. Tilley (ENG): -6 (66)
T3. B. Dredge (WAL): -6 (66)
T3. P. Hanson (SWE): -6 (66)
T8. M. Seim (GER): -5 (67)
T8. N. Watney (USA): -5 (67)
T8. L. Glover (USA): -5 (67)
T8. S. O'Hair (USA): -5 (67)
T8. T. Woods (USA): -5 (67)
T8. F. Andersson Hed (SWE): -5 (67)
T8. A. Canizares (ESP): -5 (67)
T8. Y.E. Yang (KOR): -5 (67)
T8. L. Westwood (ENG): -5 (67)

The big question for tomorrow is whether McIlroy will pull a Tiger circa 2000, and run off and leave everybody. If he is truly going to be the dominant player of the next 10 years, he may do just that.

Nationalist watch: The top 16 features 5 Americans and five subjects of the United Kingdom. But so far the Brits are doing better.

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